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for Respiratory Physiology

One-way Respiratory Valves

One-way Respiratory Valves

Check valves for unidirectional repiratory circuits. They have a non-sticky SpiralType diaphragm which is sensitive to low flow rates and is not gravity dependent,

  • Range of sizes available, from port ID 7.5 mm to 28 mm
  • One model is autoclavable (15 mm port ID)
Two-way Non Rebreathing Valves

Two-way Non Rebreathing Valves

These valves have 3 ports: inhalation, exhalation and the mouth. They allow separation of inspired and expired air for collection or use with pneumotachometers.

  • Available in Y- or T-configurations
  • Range or port sizes from 3.2 mm ID to 15 mm ID
  • Standard medical taper connectors
  • Long-life non-sticky diaphragm
Rebreathing/Collection Bags

Rebreathing/Collection Bags

Latex rubber pleated bags ideal for use with rodents and other small animals up to dogs. Not suitable for long-term gas storage (for non-permeable bags, see below).

  • Available in four sizes: 50, 200, 500 and 1000 ml.
  • Closed tail piece may be cut for flow-through or to add stopcock.
Non-Diffusing Gas Collection Bags

Non-Diffusing Gas Collection Bags

These flexible, leakproof, impermeable bags are ideal for the collection of physiological gases or the delivery of known gas concentrations.

  • Available in 5 sizes: 5, 15, 30, 60, 100 and 170 litres
  • Opening is 35 mm ID with O-ring (fits standard 25 mm connector)
  • Luer lock port connects to internal tube for sampling and mixing
  • Hose barb port and self-sealing injection port also provided
Tubes, Nose Clips & Mouthpieces

Tubes, Nose Clips & Mouthpieces

A range of accessories for use in respiratory measurements.

  • Nose Clips - disposable and reusable
  • Breathing Tubes - smooth bore 35 mm ID tubes in various lengths
  • Mouthpieces - reusable blue vinyl mouthpieces in four sizes
Harvard Douglas Bag Sets Harvard Absorbing Canister
Harvard Non-rebreathing Valve

Harvard Douglas Bag Sets

Flexibility and convenience for metabolic and respiratory studies.

  • Light, tough PVC collection bags with welded seams
  • One-way air valves with mica disk for minimal resistance
  • Wide-bore tubing valves in 3 configurations
  • Flexible, 30 mm bore tubing for low resistance
  • Large non-rebreathing valves
  • Tubing adaptors for standard 22 mm tubing
  • Absorbing Canister; colour-indicating CO2 absorbent available.

For further details, please see Harvard's online catalog pages.

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