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Mechanical Components

Mechanical Laboratory Components from Siskiyou Corporation

Siskiyou Corporation manufacture a large range of modular mechanical components for building experimental rigs. This page gives an overview - if you don't see what you want please refer to the Siskiyou Corporation website, or ask us for help.

Spec drawings are available, with full dimensioning, so you can plan your rig design.


  • Linear dovetail slide stages for coarse positioning
  • Linear ball bearing slides, motorised or manual
  • Linear crossed-roller slides, motorised or manual
  • Dovetail clamp stages
  • Rotary stages, miniature, compact or large
  • Miniature dovetail XYZ stages in 1-3 axes (pictured)
  • Crossed roller XYZ stages, manual or motorised, in 1-3 axes


  • Square platforms, vertically adjustable by spacers from the baseplate
  • Tilting platforms (illustrated)
  • Large variety of mounting plates, with tapped and clearance holes
  • Support rods and spacers, in a variety of sizes
  • Motorised and rotary lab jacks

Adaptors & Construction Blocks

  • Universal bases (illustrated) and mounting blocks
  • Base plate building blocks
  • Rotation baseplates, clamped and repeatable types
  • Translation baseplates, clamped and removeable types
  • Dovetail rails and carriers
  • Breadboards and microscope platforms

Magnetic Bases

  • Magnetic base, 75 x 75 mm, with manual on/off (illustrated)
  • 100 x 100 mm Magnetic Base with up to 135 kg holding force
  • Small (25 mm) magnetic feet, with matching stainless magnetic strips
  • Large (65 mm) magnetic feet

Thread Adaptors

With all the different equipment manufacturers, it is sometimes necessary to adapt metric to U.S. system threads. These simple thread conversion adapters enable you to convert mounting threads so that mounting incompatibility is not an issue. They are manufactured from solid brass and are sold in packages of 5.

Clamping Hardware

  • Precision rod clamps, 0.5" and 0.3", plus matching rods
  • Rod collars
  • Rotation/translation rod clamps
  • Table clamps for baseplates or cable clamps on isolation tables
  • Fasteners, drivers, thumb screws, thread adaptors etc.

TPI Adjustment Screws

  • Interchangeable adjustment screws that fit to all sorts of stages & slides in the Siskiyou range
  • Coarse adjustment screws (20 and 40 threads/inch)
  • Fine and miniature fine adjustment screws (80 threads/inch)
  • Ultrafine, miniature ultrafine and metric ultrafine adjustment screws (100/127 threads/inch)
  • Motorised adjustment screws, open loop or closed loop actuators


For complete micromanipulators from Siskiyou Corporation, please see our micromanipulator pages.

Mounts, Holders and Clamps

  • Headstage mounts with ceramic rods for Axon and Heka headstages
  • Repeatable headstage clamps for swing-out/swing-in with micron accuracy
  • Repeatable probe clamps for probes or pipette holders

If you would like a Siskiyou Corporation catalog, please drop us an email.

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