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A Winning Alliance - David Kopf and Neurostar

David Kopf Instruments, a world leader in stereotaxic instrumentation, is renowned for both the quality and longevity of its equipment. Many companies have copied the equipment, but have failed in delivering on these 2 key attributes.

Kopf has succeeded in forming a unique alliance: integrating their commitment to excellence in manufacture and customer service, with the latest in technical achievement: motorisation and software from Neurostar, Germany.

The primary benefits of motorisation:

  • Removes the need to manually manipulate the stereotaxic: allowing you full focus on your experiment
  • Robotic add-ons: save time, increase accuracy, and deliver high throughput procedures
  • Ultra precise and reproducible: you know where you are going and where you have been!

Model 963SD Brochure

Kopf 900 Stereotaxic
Model 963SD Neurostar Motorized Ultra Precise
Small Animal Stereotaxic Instrument
Kopf 900 Stereotaxic

Kopf 900 Stereotaxic

The Kopf 900 Stereotaxic Series are versatile, easy-to-use instruments that facilitate proper alignment of small animals for the stereotaxic placement of electrodes, micropipettes and other devices.

  • Rugged U-frame with Model 960 three-dimensional manipulator
  • Heavy base, 255 x 355 mm
  • Manipulators have 80 mm travel in each axis, with 0.1 mm vernier
  • Suitable for a wide range of small animals
  • Optional swivel mount raises frame for larger animals
  • Second manipulator may be fitted
  • Ultra-precise manipulators available
  • Optional removable zero point for precise electrode settings
Kopf 1404 Frame Assembly

Kopf 1404 Frame Assembly

The Model 1404 Stereotaxic Instrument is a general purpose, heavy-duty research instrument. Its superior rigidity, large frame bars and precision bearing surfaces assure absolute alignment of laboratory animals for indefinite periods of time.

  • Supplied with four Model 1460 manipulators
  • Unique manipulator positioning allows 4 electrodes in a 2mm circle
  • Wide range of adaptors for different animals
  • Frame supplied with 90 mm square baseplate for bolting to a table
  • Optional 300 x 400 mm baseplate available
  • Larger unit (Model 1504) also available
Kopf 1730 Frame Assembly

Kopf 1730 Frame Assembly

The Model 1730 Intracellular Frame Assembly is designed primarily for intracellular recording and stimulation where high inertia, precision and good access to the head during surgery are paramount. Cell penetration without surrounding damage demands the utmost in technique, and this instrument is big and rugged and has the mass and rigidity necessary for use with ultra-fine positioners.

  • Constructed for cats & monkeys, but adaptable for other species
  • Delivers the ultimate in performance when there is no substitute for rigidity
  • Accepts Kopf 1700 Series manipulators
Kopf Stereotaxic Manipulators

Kopf Stereotaxic Manipulators

Kopf stereotaxic manipulators are available in a variety of models to suit the different frame series. They are all superbly engineered and manufactured to support any reasonable equipment with rigidity and precision.

Electrode 1770 Holder Kopf 1768 Holder

Electrode Holders

Manipulators are normally provided with a the Model 1770 Standard Electrode Holder (illustrated), which has a plastic block end with serrated grooves for electrodes. Available variations include:-

  • 90º Holder (1769) holds electrode at right angles to holder axis
  • Large standard holders (1771,1772) take diameters of up to 12 mm
  • Needle support (1772-F) holds syringes with support for the needle
  • Electrode Swivel (1767) allows electrode to be swung away
  • Micrometer Adjust (1768) (illustrated) allows axial extension of electrode by micrometer
  • Cannula Holder (1766) holds a variety of cannulae
  • Open Sided Clamp (1773) facilitates use of cemented chronic electrodes
  • Wedge Holder (1774) allows multiple electrodes to be cemented to a flag
  • Insulated Collet holder (1775) holds electrodes 0 to 1.1 mm diameter
  • Fixed Hole (1776) has a hole to your specification plus set screw
  • Razor Blade holder (1777) holds a standard blade
Kopf 5000 Microinjection Unit

Kopf 5000 Microinjection Unit

The Model 5000 Microinjector provides a simple and reliable method of standardizing the use of microliter syringes for accurate, repeatable delivery of minute amounts of fluid. It consists of an interchangeable syringe holder plunger drive mechanism, delivery control knob and adjustable foot support to stabilize the needle tip.

Three models for syringes up 50 ul
  • Full syringe delivery requires approx 600 turns
  • Quick release holder allows easy syringe refilling and repositioning
  • Can be used with any Kopf stereotaxic manipulator
  • Please see our Syringes page for suitable syringes
  • Sterotaxic Drill Unit

    Stereotaxic Drill Unit

    The Model 1475 Drill Press was designed to simplify drilling holes in the skull at stereotaxic locations. The drill press allows you to quickly lower the drill to and then into the skull, retracting as quickly as entered. Holes can be drilled in angular as well as vertical planes.

    Adjustable Wire Knife

    Adjustable Wire Knife

    The Model 120 Adjustable Wire Knife is a versatile, efficient, easy-to-use concept in wire knives.

    • Vertical cuts may be made by advancing or retracting the stereotaxic carrier
    • Accurate rotation cuts may be made using inbuilt graduations
    • Blade cannula is only 0.3 mm diameter for distal 12 mm

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