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For warming and monitoring systems for use during small animal surgery, please see our Monitoring page.

Harvard Small Operating Table

Harvard Small Operating Table

A small, heated animal operating table suitable for use with small animals.

  • Table size 23 x 33 cm; stainless steel top
  • Heater (40 W) with variable duty cycle
  • Four stainless steel rods may be positioned along table edges
  • Four tying cleats may also be positioned around edges
Harvard Medium Operating Table

Harvard Medium and Large Operating Tables

A range of table models suitable general surgery or research.

  • Medium Size Table (illustrated) suits animals up to 40 kg
  • Table surface is 47 x 107 cm; heated surface is 31 x 51 cm
  • Choice of hydraulic or frame base
  • Hydraulic base turns, tilts and raises/lowers
  • Frame base gives high rigidity
  • Supplied with 4 vertical rods, cross rod, tying cleats

  • Large Table suitable for animals up to 135 kg
  • Choice of V-top or flat-top; pedestal or hydraulic lift; heated or non-heated top
Harvard Plastic Operating Table

Harvard Plastic Operating Table

A rugged unheated table moulded entirely from plastic, and suitable for animals up to 5 kg.

  • Table size 27 x 35 cm
  • Supplied with elastic cord and ABS rings for tie-downs
Small Animal Surgery Tray

Small Animal Surgery Tray

Designed to accommodate small animals in either the probe or supine positions.

  • Inside dimensions 30 x 15 x 4 cm
  • Slots on retractor arms and edges accept stay hooks
  • Wide variety of matching stay hook sizes, supplied sterile
  • Ideal for use with homeothermic blanket system (see below)
  • Freestanding retractor rings also available
Harvard Rodent Board

Harvard Rodent Board

A durable, stain resistant and autoclavable board designed for small animal surgical work.

  • Non-porous surface 20 x 29 cm, grooved for drainage
  • Supplied with 4 surgical rubber restraining straps utilising slots on edge of board
Small Animal Intensive Care Unit

Small Animal Intensive Care Unit

A complete ICU for post-operative, convalescent or newborn small animals.

  • Available in 3 sizes, suitable for animals similar to small, medium and large dogs
  • Double base contains water with a thermostatic heater for reliable warming
  • Dome cover includes humidifier, nebulisers, air/oxygen blender, temperature and humidity gauges, hose fittings and hose, and cage divider
  • Optional Brooder cover available for small unit
  • Optional Transport Carts available for Medium and Large units
Oxygen Therapy Chamber

Oxygen Therapy Chamber

Provides an ideal environment to supply moist and/or oxygen enriched air to a single animal.

  • Three sizes available
  • Transparent door has inlet valve and one-way exhaust valve
  • Larger stainless steel mobile kennels for therapy also available

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