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BIOPAC Transducers

BIOPAC transducers are designed to operate with a variety of BIOPAC amplifier modules,
but many could be used independently with appropriate power supplies and amplification.

TSD150 Active Electrodes


  • TSD150 Active Electrodes - designed for multiple-channel surface EMG measurements with a built-in high-gain amplifier
  • TSD155C Multi-lead ECG Cable - used for performing a standard 12-lead ECG recording using only 3 ECG100C amplifiers
  • TSD203 Electrodermal Response Transducer - a pair of electrodes for skin conductance recordings at the fingers

BIOPAC Pneumotach


  • TSD117 Pneumotach Air Flow Transducer - for air flow & lung volume. Eight models measuring flow rates from ±800 l/min (human) down to 12 ml/s (small mice)
  • TSD160 High Sensitivity Differential Pressure Transducer - for other pneumotachs, plethysmography boxes etc.
  • TSD201 Respiratory Effort Transducer - an unobtrusive chest strap for measuring change in human thoracic circumference during breathing

Blood pressure cuff transducer


  • TSD104A Precision Blood Pressure Transducer - an invasive direct BP transducer
  • TSD108 Physiological Sounds Microphone - ideal for detecting Korotkoff sounds in non-invasive BP measurement
  • TSD120 Blood Pressure Cuff Transducer - an adjustable cuff with pump bulb, pressure gauge and pressure transducer
  • TSD200 Photo-Electric Pulse Plethysmograph - gives a non-invasive skin blood flow waveform by reflectance of infrared

BIOPAC Precision Force Transducer


  • TSD105A Variable Range Force Transducer - ideal for isolated muscle preps, with force ranges of 50g to 1000g.
  • TSD121C Hand Dynamometer - for human hand grip or hand pull measurements up to 100 kg
  • TSD125 Precision Fixed Range Force Transducer - ideal for isolated muscle preps. Four models 50g to 500g FS.

For suitable support stands, see our Stands page.

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BIOPAC Goniometers


  • TSD130A/B Twin Axis Goniometers - for measuring joint angles around two simultaneous orthogonal axes
  • TSD130C/D Torsiometers - for measuring joint rotation about a single plane
  • TSD130E Finger Goniometer - for measuring single-axis finger joint rotation

Laser Doppler Flow probes


TSD140-8 Laser Doppler Probes - a variety of probes for use with the LDF100C module

Oxygen Saturation finger probe


TSD123 Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) Transducers - for use with the OXY100C pulse oximeter module. Finger clip and adhesive mounted models.

Heel/Toe Strike transducer


  • TSD111 Heel/Toe Strike Transducer - two force-sensitive resistors attaching to the sole of a shoe for gait analysis
  • TSD115 Variable Assessment Transducer - a simple manual slide potentiometer allowing subject a graduated response to stimuli
  • TSD116 Switches - a variety of switches (hand, foot and 8-channel pushbutton box) for subject responses

Temperature transducers


TSD202 Temperature Probes - a variety of probes for use with the SKT100C amplifier.

For other temperature transducers please see our Thermometry page.

BIOPAC accelerometers


TSD109 Tri-Axial Accelerometer - two models of accelerometer for sports and orthopaedic analysis

For Harvard isometric and isotonic transducers,
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