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Tygon Pump Tubing

Tubing for all your applications

Tygon Norprene Tubing

Please note that we only supply full rolls of tubing, not cut lengths

TypeSizes ID-ODProperties
Tygon LFL Long Flex Life 1.6-4.8 to 12.7-19 mm
(1/16-3/16 to 1/2-3/4 inch)
Formulated specifically for peristaltic pump applications - excellent wear properties and low aging.
Tygon Norprene 1.6-4.8 to 15.8-22.2 mm
(1/16-3/16 to 5/8-7/8 inch)
An autoclavable replacement for rubber tubing - temperature range -15 to 135 ºC.
Tygon Laboratory Tubing R-3603 1.6-3.0 to 14.3-20.6 mm
(1/16-1/8 to 9/16-13/16 inch)
The most consistently reliable tubing - crystal clear, outstanding chemical resistance, autoclavable.
Tygon B-44-4X Tubing 0.8-2.4 to 19-25.4 mm
(1/32-3/32 to 3/4-1 inch)
A food grade tubing with a smooth, non-porous, non-wetting bore. Broad chemical resistance. Autoclavable and gas sterilisable.
Tygon PharMed Tubing 1.6-3.0 to 19-25.4 mm
(1/16-1/8 to 3/4-1 inch)
A combination of long flex life and biocompatibility, ideal for life science use in peristaltic pumps. Opaque, good chemical resistance, ideal for cell culture and fermentation.
Tygon Medical/Surgical Tubing S-50-HL 1.6-3.0 to 19-25.4 mm
(1/16-1/8 to 3/4-1 inch)
Originally developed for cardiac surgery, this tubing is ideal biological applications involving blood contact.
Tygon Ultra-Soft Tubing R-1000 1.6-4.8 to 9.5-15.8 mm
(1/16-3/16 to 3/8-5/8 inch)
Unmatched flexibility for easy laboratory setup, and ideal for low-power peristaltic pump applications. Flexible at low temperatures (-70 ºC) but not autoclavable.
Tygon Ultra Chemical Resistant 2075 1.6-4.8 to 15.8-22.2 mm
(1/16-3/16 to 5/8-7/8 inch)
An unequaled combination of chemical resistance, clarity & flexibility. Suitable for hazardous material handling, or gas anaesthesia.
Tygon Fluran Tubing 1.6-3.0 to 7.9-11.1 mm
(1/16-1/8 to 5/16-7/16 inch)
Opaque black fluoroelastomer tubing providing continuous service at up to 200 ºC with excellent resistance to corrosive chemicals, oils, fuels and solvents.
Platinum Cured Silicone Tubing 0.3-0.6 to 6.3-12.7 mm
(0.012-0.024 to 1/4-1/2 inch)
Ultra-flexible silicone tubing, autoclavable, and suitable for sterile fill and transfer, catheters, drains intravenous delivery etc. Non-toxic and non-haemolytic.
Tygon Microbore Tubing S-54-HL 0.25-0.75 to 1.25-2.3 mm
(0.010-0.030 to 0.050-0.090 inch)
Ideal for intravenous and arterial infusion - stiff enough for easy handling, but soft enough to resist puncturing. Non-toxic, non-pyrogenic and biocompatible.
Tygon Micro-Line Tubing 0.5-1.5 to 1.25-2.3 mm
(0.02-0.06 to 0.05-0.09 inch)
A remarkable new tubing ideal for small-scale plumbing in cell baths and the like. It can be permanently set into shape by gentle heating, or cold stretched to reduce its diameter. Autoclavable, stable and non-contaminating.
Polyethylene Laboratory Tubing 0.28-0.61 mm
(0.011 x 0.024 inch)
Small diameter tubing ideal for infusions, tracheotomies and other surgical operations in rodents or rabbits. Will pass over or into specified needle sizes (please ask for data).
Stainless Steel Hypodermic Tubing 0.140-0.305 to 1.51-1.82 mm
(0.0055-0.012 to 0.0595-0.0715 inch)
(30 gauge to 15 gauge)
Type 304 stainless steel tubing in thin- or regular-wall thicknesses. Available in 300 mm (12 inch) lengths, 4 per pack.

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