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Epithelial I/V Clamps

Epithelial Voltage Clamps from Warner Instruments, providing a full range of features for routine and advanced research use. Single- and dual-channel models are available.

EC-800 Single Channel Clamp

EC-800 Single Channel Clamp

  • Accurate membrane resistance using 2 Hz bipolar signal
  • Three clamp speeds for stability
  • DC Hold commands for both I- and V-clamp modes
  • Choice of compliance: ±120 V standard, or ±15 V for economy
  • Watertight headstage; dummy membrane provided
EC-825 Dual Channel Clamp

EC-825 Dual Channel Clamp

All the features of the EC-800 with two independent channels, including two meters, and a built-in timer (2 event times to provide cycle times and clamp durations up to 2000 seconds).

VCC600 Epithelial Clamp

VCC600 Epithelial Clamp

The VCC600 Epithelial Clamp from Physiologic Instruments is a versatile single-channel instrument with some extra features for advanced use.

  • Current measurement in the nA range permits use with very small samples
  • Continuous PD output facilitates simultaneous microelectrode investigations or pH-stat experiments
  • Compliance ±13V, optionally ±35V

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